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Buurman -
workshop and building supplies

We are a wood workshop and shop for reclaimed building- and other materials, located in Rotterdam and Utrecht. It is our aim to reuse urban resources locally. As an alternative to land filling, incineration or low quality reuse of ‘waste materials’, we give reclaimed materials a second life through our shops and workshops. 

Waste is one of the only resources that our urbanised cities produce and we believe that as a society we should treat our resources wisely. This is why we started Buurman. Call it circular economy or urban mining, most of all we think that it is not about talking but about doing. 



In 2014 we opened a shop and workshop in the Keilewerf at Rotterdam and in the summer of 2019 a brand new Buurman will open up at the Hof van Cartesius in Utrecht.


What we have to offer



In our shops you can find all kinds of reclaimed material, from construction wood to unique stage sets or vintage doors. The materials are scouted from building sites, museums or other local projects. All these materials have a history and come at affordable prices. Check the online catalogue to see what’s on offer, or subscribe to our weekly material mailing.

group activities

Want to do wood working with your colleagues, friends or family? Book a group workshop. We offer a variety of workshops, some of them with focus on recycling and sustainability, others focusing more on competition and team building.

wood workshop

Next to our shop, we have a wood workshop which is open to individuals as well as groups. Our aim is to inspire people to make things themselves - of course preferably with recycled material. You can join various workshops and courses to learn about wood working and making your own furniture. But you can also rent a table and work on you own project. Check the calendar of your preferred location for availability and book your course online.

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